Japanese to English translations

Volume 3 Chapter 3

The best enemy is a clever enemy

The Attack

In this critical situation I changed the order of moves. I must contact Ms. Lee and the people from the NGO and coordinate actions to avoid confrontation.

If it’s about the order in which I will be talking with following individuals then first is Ms. Lee, but with her there is a meeting arranged tomorrow morning. Next is the NGO and Ms. Grace. Until that time only waiting anxiously is left.

Taking a look at Hakim’s room’s ceiling I pondered what to do. And surely there is still time left before everyone comes back from the police station.

I did that I was supposed to do, but I’m far from being calm. Only anxiety is creeping in my heart. Maybe it was better to go to the police station with everyone – I thought.

Perhaps it would be better to look how everyone is training and not worry too much about anything. I did what I had to do, but I’m far from calm.

Someone is calling my cell phone. An unknown number to me.


“It’s me, Lee.”

I frowned thinking she doesn’t have good news for me. After all if it weren’t urgent she wouldn’t be calling and there is no such thing as a good emergency.

“The NGO was attacked?”

“You’re fast. Exactly.”

“No, I’m not fast. I’m falling behind. Unfortunately.”

“The enemy abducted a male staff in front of the NGO’s office. Right in front of the representative.”


“The representative is English, so well… I guess they might have thought that it will be troublesome if they abduct her.”

“Smart enemy… what about that male staff?”

“Found drowned. That was two hours ago.”

That’s bad – I thought, counting time backwards. I don’t know if I will be able to avoid confrontation. The situation became delicate. Now I will have to negotiate with the enemy while pacifying Ms. Lee and Grace, whose organization member was killed.

I carefully chose my words:

“Very rough.”

“That’s how they work! Doing that they suppress the NGO”

“I see. For now I think you should protect the rest of the NGO staff.”

“You’re going to do it?”


Not good – I thought. I asked about the location of the NGO, contacted Omar and decided to dispatch a single tactical unit S. I send one more as a back up and deal with the situation with two tactical units. I hesitate for a second if I shall commence a counterattack or strengthen defense.

I think reprisal won’t hold the enemy completely. There’s no choice. I chose a way which angers Lanson. Strengthening defense.

Bad flow. I take a breath. Next problem is if the enemy will commence another attack.

Thinking that there’s no way he will do that, I decide to join with the backing tactical unit. Although the situation leaves me no choice but to defend, I would like to get information from the NGO about the enemy position and if possible commence reprisal. The biggest losses are when you don’t do anything with an enemy attack.

The opponent also doesn’t want losses and in case of a counterattack it will be easier to achieve a state of balance. A reprisal is about something more than simply revenge. In Japan I foolishly thought that such things won’t bring peace.

After 30 minutes the children came back. With Ivan and Sophie the tactical unit S was made of 7 members. To the regular six joined Sophie and that’s how seven came.

Sophie looked at me, opened her mouth and the first thing she said:

“They’re under attack?”

Her face looked worried.

“It’s not me.”

“I know that!”

After she answered back, she seemed perplexed about how to deal with me. Her face was completely red. Don’t bring your feelings to work – I thought and caressed her head like Djibril’s. It hurt much more than I thought when I touched her cut blonde hair.

“We will do it calmly. I will show you where to deploy and you will take position there.

Two cars came, even smaller than yesterday. Nissans this time. in Japan they are called March. In one of those small cars there are 5 people, counting the driver. Also bringing with them weapons, even little girls have it hard inside. I would like to recruit our own driver – I thought. One with an international driving license, which I would have for my own use and could use him for our own operations.

There is 30 minutes before arrival, in this time I will remember the map of the area. I thought I should observe the situation, because the enemy would want to seal their success. Abduction of one person is a small operation for a military strike, so there is quite a considerable chance for that.

We drive separately. I repeat different scenarios and situations in my head.

Suddenly heavy rain surprised me. So strong, that what was in front couldn’t be seen.

Meeting in heavy rain

The best description for the rain that fell is as if someone overturned a bucket with water. It must be hard to drive – I thought and in truth the speed of the car dropped by half.

Parking lot in front of the NGO office. Despite the abduction and murder of one of their members, there is no police.

I got off of the car near the office and ran in this rain. For some reason Sophie ran after me, so surprised I look at her.

“You will get wet.”

Before I finished saying that she was already soaked. That’s how hard it rained. I stopped talking, shook my head and ran. About 20 meters. So let Sophie be my escort then.

“Good morning.”

When I was saying that squeezing my jacket, Ms. Grace stood before me. She looked completely exhausted.

“Thank you. Everyone has been uneasy.”

“I understand. Especially when you can’t see the threat.” – saying that I placed the squeezed jacket on Sophie’s back. Through the wet clothing her lingerie straps could be seen, which I wanted to cover. I decided not to look at her face expression on this occasion.

I looked at the office staff. Approximately five, six people. There was one older looking like an assistant, half-graying, whose gaze in particular caught my attention. With curiosity he looks at me and Sophie. Sophie immediately notices that.

I can’t say just from the impression that he is an enemy, but among present here staff one or two people surely passed information to the enemy. Wondering who and how could do it I asked first if someone doesn’t have a towel.

Ms. Grace brought me a towel in a hurry. I gave it to Sophie. I also wiped the tablet and after that began with my head. If I don’t dry myself off I won’t be able to go further than the entrance, because I will get the floor wet.

“Have you heard what happened?”

“I understand more or less. And what is the police doing?”

“Nothing, the police here is on eternal vacations. Especially near the slums.”

“That’s good.”

I’m glad that I won’t have to deal with them too. I instructed the staff to not stand near the window, though I suspect that the rain will serve as cover. The bigger the losses, the harder it is to reach a compromise with the enemy. I want to reduce them as much as possible.

I put on the headset and look at the tablet. The reinforcements are in place. Counting Omar’s group the deployment is complete. What will the enemy do now? I assume that nothing, but sometimes the enemy doesn’t do what I assume.

Suddenly a sound of broken glass and screams came. Through the rain not much could be heard and it was hard to tell immediately if those are gunshots. Sound of broken windows repeats a second and third time.

“First let’s turn off the air conditioning.”

We were soaked, so we were cold. In my head I quickly recall the image of the map. Assuming that those were gunshots, they came from the slums. There are two buildings from where this could happen. For two seconds I wonder whether to assault there sending Omar and his squad.

Under fire they should have immediately changed their position and two or three attacks from the same place have no point, so there is a chance that it’s a trap. First the surrounding buildings should be seized, but for that we lack in military potential a bit.

“Omar, go to point VI-7. I’m designating a building. Use grenades.”


Grenade[1] as a thing shot from a projector, similar to a hand grenade, but not thrown by hand so can’t be called a hand grenade.

Glass in the windows in the slums is usually broken.

The grenade flew in a curve into the room, rolls on the floor and explode. I think I heard the sound of metal when it hit the floor but from my position I can’t tell with certainty.

After throwing grenades into two relevant buildings I had hope that there will be a small amount of victims among the residents. I had such hope, but one of the side of the two buildings wasn’t hit. I felt It’s wrong, but I decided to think it’s all the enemy’s fault anyway.

Omar contacts me.

“I confirmed the explosion.”

“Go to the point VII-7. Keep watching the situation while changing positions.”


Imagining a running and soaked from rain Omar I looked at Sophie.

Wet, she looks like a curled up cat. With my coat on her shoulders she pulls the crossbow. She turns red looking at me.

“Will you fight with a crossbow Sophie?”

“I’m more familiar with it.” – she said shyly. The tone we are talking with and what we are talking about is not something that is done in the middle of the battle.

I should have thought earlier about an appropriate position for using a crossbow as I did with the instructions about weapon usage. I regret that avoiding her love I didn’t take care of her as I should.

Well, I won’t do it today. This is neither the time nor the place.

I returned the towel and stood near the wall. Sophie is standing next to me. From this place movement of the whole personnel in the office can be seen.

Suspension band in the shape of the letter X in one place is turned inside out, so Sophie stretched her hand and corrected it. I follow all data nodding. The enemy is not making any move. Just in case I direct reinforcements to observe the area. The beginning of the second act is when the guys who were setting a trap at the sniper point moved.

Before this sudden but short rain ends the enemy will make a move. He will surely want to use the rain as a cover – I thought.

“The enemy has moved. Two people holding a huge bag. From all over the place. Four in total.”

Ivan’s voice. As expected from the one who has the best eyesight among us.

“Child or adult?”


“I wonder if we’re properly hidden?”

“We’re fine.”

“Ok, leave it.”


After speaking with Ivan I looked to the side and saw that Sophie had a face as if she had something to say. I felt that in contrast to Djibril or Ivan with her it’s difficult, but nonetheless I spoke:

“I think that the glass in the window was broken by a kid. It’s a decoy. The enemy wanted to fuck with us.”

“And the escaping enemy?”

“It was a decoy too.”

Another message. Again from Ivan.

“Another enemy started moving from the same building. This time adults. Six. It seems they don’t have weapons. Caucasians.”

Following them we would reach the enemy’s hideout, but unfortunately we aren’t special forces of some civilized country. Thinking that sooner or later I would want to conduct such training I ordered an attack.

“If you catch someone you can take captives, but don’t worry too much.”

“Got it.”

I smiled to Ms.Grace and her people. I know they fear me, but well I can’t help it.

They want to make mercenaries out of children then they must understand such things. Moreover if they are saying that it’s cruel or awful then I want them, even if they were to abandon everything, to try to give them another way than war with the incompetent and stupid me.

A signal reaches my ear. It’s Ivan.

“The enemy is moving from point V-5 to VI-4.”

“Surely the enemy will go on the road from going right from VI-3 and avoiding V-3. In slums there are a lot of canals. The roads are surely awfully wet. The enemy wants to avoid that and that’s why he chooses a way with which he will escape from the slums in shortest time”

“Where do we engage with the enemy?”

“There is a car approaching before the slums, Omar will take care of that one. Wait here until Omar takes up his position.”


“Omar here. We’re cross-countrying[2] in rain now.”

“Let’s take a shower without rush later. With this speed you will probably reach your position in 2 minutes.”

“If it’s two minutes then it’s running at full speed. I’m going to hang up.”

“I’m counting on you.”

One of the members of the staff moved, so I asked him to not do that. It was a young person. He wanted to go to the toilet, to which I answered that he can freely do it there, and if not, everything will end in a moment anyway.

I sent a glance to Sophie to aim at the youth. The crossbow is aimed at his direction.

”Don’t be absurd, Arata!” – said Ms. Grace while shaking. I smiled.

“I should have killed on the spot someone who in such a situation wants to go to the toilet with a cell phone in hand. True, I’m probably too soft.”

The youth runs away. Sophie pulls the trigger. The crossbow bolt pierces the youth’s back, who with a loud sound hits the corner of the table with his head and falls down. He fumbles on the ground trying in a panic to somehow take out the bolt from his back.

The older one takes out a pistol. Losing interest I’m looking at the tablet. Beside the crossbow Sophie had a small handgun. Immediately releasing the crossbow she shot the old man. Holding the gun with both hands she fired two shots right between the brows. The older one was probably an ex-soldier, but anyway he was too slow. He had his years after all.

A commotion erupts also screams rang out. Troubled I scratched my head. It’s too loud here and I want to focus on commanding – I think.

“They are probably uneasy about those bolts. If they are alive it’s better for them to surrender. Ivan. Omar reached his position. Commence the attack.”


Omar blows up the vehicle stopping at the road dividing slums from the rest with a grenade launcher.

Approximately at the same time in different places a firefight starts. The six escaping are hit by Ivan’s group. Though I said not to worry it’s Ivan after all, so he probably aims at their legs.

“Four hit. The rest abandoned their allies and are running away.”

“They trained them well. Ivan, can you shoot them down?”


I waited around 30 seconds.

“I managed to hit, but unfortunately I killed them.”

“Don’t mind it. Capture the rest which you hit earlier. Omar join Ivan and if there will be some survivors take them to the building into which you threw grenades at the start. I don’t care if half of them don’t reach there. “


I smelled urine. Disgusted I looked at the until recently young member of the NGO.

“It’s also applied to you. I want to listen to what you have to say. I would be happy if you cooperated.”

I hope that I will manage to obtain information in a peaceful way.


In the slums residences a young boy has died. I didn’t know if I should be angry or regret that it’s because of me. By all means I should probably be angry and show it.

Not giving any medical help to them I throw the prisoners on the floor. One tried to run, so Omar shot him. Three are left. I got rid off Sophie, Ivan and the rest under the pretext of guarding the area. I don’t want to show children the prisoners interrogation.

Invigorated with a wire and a gas stove the prisoners started to sing.

Outside the zone of international treaties people become talkative. With relief I listened to what they are saying.

“For now I would be happy to hear the name of the company and orders you received.”

“Freedom Fighters.”

“And your mission?”

“Assassinate Ryota Arata.”

“Something else?”

“Nothing in particular.”

“I see. Thanks.”

Jiyu Senshi, aka Freedom Fighters, the company I was in before.

Very simple orders, without any ambiguity. Very small probability that it’s a lie. Impossible that someone to me, the lord of life and death, falsely testify that they came to kill me. Including captured ex-members of the NGO, everyone says the same thing.

I think for a moment. It got a bit complicated.

They want to kill me, okay, assuming the enemy knew about our coming to this country. From where did he get information? Does the enemy have his own pseudo special forces?

In any case it’s not a branch, but the main company that sends their people, so there is no doubt that they really want to kill me.

Someone like me?

I would want to not give a crap, because Omar and Sophie are excluded from this, but it’s just that.

Though in all killing them simply doesn’t give anything.

All in all we were protecting the village. Though speaking truthfully we were fighting with the government’s army, not the company.

I think for a while. I don’t really remember that someone got killed. Marking someone for such reasons for death, in a few years humanity would probably die out. I have a feeling that there is something else.

Now the question is if the Japanese government is our enemy or ally. The government erased and is protecting information about us. Probably, but thinking about it now probably not. Japanese live in blissful ignorance. Whatever you can say, someone else problems they leave for someone else. They wouldn’t take the trouble to kill someone.

It was my reckless remark, considering denial of official information routes and silence from there, there’s a sensible explanation which settles it all.

After all the enemy is the company alone. They have ways to obtain information in similar way like intelligence agencies and they want to kill me for some reason. From questioning I didn’t learn anything interesting or new.

Naturally it’s Lanson that must be responsible for the leak. He just submit a report to the company about what he learned, that’s his job. There is nothing strange about it. He couldn’t guess that the information would be used in circumstances that we are an enemy.

In any case I decided to release the prisoners. I considered killing them, but it’s a bad example. If you kill, then only if it’s necessary.

Without a word of gratitude the prisoners left covering their wounds. Though they didn’t thank me I didn’t think about shooting them in the back. According to Omar the privilege of being in control of someone’s life and death enforces gratitude, but I don’t reach that far.

After everything I explained in a simple way to Ms. Grace how things are, sent the staff to the occupied building, meet with Djibril, and decided to rest by taking turns.

In the meantime I obtain a few residences in the vicinity of the slums with the help of the police controlled by money, which I got acquainted with since the time of the weapon exchange. Without any bigger costs I’m renting residences for a few days. I don’t know if I should say that it’s an aggressive nationality. I’m asking to rent someone’s room now, paying in cash, and many people with glee rented it to me.

Though the safety in the hotel is higher, as a sort of strategic base I will use the area around the slums and the NGO office.

Ms. Grace, whose subordinates were killed right in front of her eyes was still in shock and looked at me as if I myself was a criminal that raped her.

“I worked with him 7 years.”

Apparently she is speaking about the older one. I wanted to talk about the meaning of the situation when an ex-soldier pulls out a weapon but looking at Ms. Grace’s eyes I gave it up right away. She wouldn’t understand it anyway. It’s probably an issue of emotions.

“You should say that for 7 years there was an unchecked leak of information.” – I said just that.

“He was capable!”

“I think that until now he did more harm than good.”

Ms. Grace and the rest of her people look at me with hatred. But I defended you – I thought. Nothing more crossed my mind. If you look only at the results then to one killed person another one and one heavily wounded were added. For NGO office from one side they have fewer people and from another they are probably wondering what they are and what they really protected.

Though it seems that for saving children by making them mercenaries they weren’t ready for many things.

“I think that from now on there won’t be any more abductions.” – I said just that and for now decided to go to the hotel with Sophie. I wanted the other children to quickly return to the hotel to wash themselves and change their clothes, but Djibril and her group had to stay there as a guard change.

The fight continues but I have quite a lot of free time. I must acquire the initiative between the battles and take care of many things. I boarded the car. Five, six minutes pass. The rain stopped but I don’t see a rainbow. It seemed scorching heat will come again. My hair is already dry.

On the back seat next to me sat Sophie. She suddenly spoke:

“How did the interrogation go?”

“Hmm, they were targeting me.”

“You’re really a celebrity Arata.”

“That’s not my intention thought.”

“I’m a bit happy.”

“Even if you admire me…” – when I said that for some reason Sophie looked hurt. That shadow on her face had enough influence on me to immediately apologize. I can’t get this elf at all.


“Arata, it’s because you like black hair, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Sophie is nervous. She took a deep breath.

“So you say that blond hair is okay.”

“Blonde hair itself is fine, but it’s not like I’m specifically pointing out someone.”

Sophie kept silent. After that she laughed a bit. I also laughed. As a conversation after killing others, it wasn’t something to praise about , but I felt a bit better.


As soon as we reached the hotel, Djibril and her group approached us.

Though they were probably interested in how the battle goes, for me they were cute kids and nothing more. I smiled involuntarily.

I forgot that Djibril is already older. It’s because she didn’t change too much in appearance from the period before puberty.

Forgetting myself I lifted her up and spun around. What am I doing, you can’t do that.

Sophie also looks at me and wonders what am I doing to a lady.

Indeed, she’s right. I put her down in a hurry.

“Why drop me?”

Only Djibril doesn’t understand.

“Forgive me. I forgot that I’m wet from the rain. I have to change clothes. I want Ivan and his group to do it too. We’ll be doing a guard change so get ready everyone.”

“We are already done.”

“So, shall we go? Wait 5 minutes. I’ll take a shower and change my clothes.”

“Me too.” – said Sophie in agreement.

“You can take it slowly Sophie. You have a break now.”

I gave the jacket to Sophie and in a hurry went to Hakim’s room, took a shower, or more like rinsed myself with water, changed clothes, and came back. I stretch and hold sleeves of my white shirt with a silver armband. It can’t be helped that I look like a boring office worker. Let’s focus on practical use. And like that I went back to the lobby.

“Ok, let’s go.”

Sophie intends to come with me without changing clothes so I stop.

“It can’t be like that. Sophie. You will catch a cold. Don’t worry, just rest.”


“No buts. I am the operator. You obey my instructions.”

“I’m your friend!”

“Friends would understand if I say it.”

Sophie looks dissatisfied. What’s this, since when is she such a diligent girl? Anyway I want Ivan and his group to get changed and I leave Sophie alone. We go to the parking lot. We got on separate vehicles. Shuwa and his men are also going with us.


“I’m going to explain the situation. Mr. Shuwa, Djibril, come here.”

In a simple way I explained how things are, about the shock of Ms. Grace and the enemy’s goal.

When I apologize about the involvement in this whole mess Mr. Shuwa smiles amicably.

“War between private military companies, huh?”

“War outsourcing is increasing recently, it’s common, but a case such as this rather doesn’t happen. Especially focusing on the other party and attacking.”

“Why it doesn’t happen?”

“Well, it’s just not profitable! It’s a waste, sacrificing more than necessary on a single obstacle to achieve the objective.”

“I see. Simple enough.”

“Yes. In an easy to understand world, hard to understand things happen.”

Mr. Shuwa squinted his eyes. Seems like he’s thinking.

“Do you know why it’s like that?”

“Not yet.”

“Well it’s just a thought, but isn’t it because of you?”


“I mean you’re the main culprit for destroying that easy world.”

Ex-warrior monk’s words are easy, yet so difficult. I scratched my head.

“I’m not aware about it at all, though. Did I do something?”

“Well, a mere priest doesn’t know it specifically as well.” – said Mr. Shuwa laughing.

We get on a compact car and go to the place of battle. The adults ride separately. Beside that relocating is easy, but I would want my own car after all.

Of course in the car with which I was going there was Djibril with me. That’s what’s cute about her. I look through the window from the passenger seat smiling. The district looks as if nothing is happening, it seems peaceful and lively.

So where did this war took place?  – I mumbled to myself.

“Did something happened with the bad djin?” – said suddenly Djibril from the back seat dragging me back to the reality.

“Bad djin? Ah, Sophie? We were protected by her! She’s surprisingly reliable.” – on my answer Djibril bended herself and pulled my suspensions.

“Were they turned inside out?”

“Arata…” – said Djibril with seriousness.

“I think Arata should like black hair.”

I don’t get what she means. But, well, I slightly smiled anyway.

“The color of hair doesn’t matter, it would be best if no one gets hurt.”

Djibril pulled my band and released her hand. My shoulders hurt a bit.

We were able to be back on the spot in one hour.

I thank Omar and his unit and make them go back to the hotel. Hakim’s face is a bit red. Maybe it’s a cold, so I told him to get a good rest. I had cold medicine in my baggage so I instructed him to use it.

Because Ms. Grace knows Japanese and showing her children holding weapons will bring about her disdain again, I handed her over to Mr. Shuwa and we arranged ourselves around the area. If the enemy’s target is me then it won’t be long before he attacks.

In result slums will become a battlefield. If it comes to me I don’t want the slums to become a sea of fire, but I don’t know about the enemy.

Setting up traps in different places I wait for the night. A phone call from the police. They seized few residences in the vicinity of the slums. Late in the night they will start to retreat from the abandoned buildings.

If I am the enemy’s target then waiting too long is not a smart move. Nowadays attack is above defense. If it comes to a fight it’s always the attacking side that has advantage.

After retreating from the slums we redeployed in the borrowed houses surrounding the slums and established a surveillance of the slums area. Enemy will come to the slums. And when he does, the best will be to pin them down there. Luckily outside the slums it’s almost sparkling with lights, so lack of night vision equipment won’t be a problem.

The place that I occupied with the tactical unit was a multi-tenant three floor building. It had good visibility on both the NGO office and the abandoned building in the slums. I instructed to look from the chink in the curtains, so human shadows won’t be visible.

Enemy’s failed strike

The enemy made a move around two hours after we redeployed.

In the vicinity of the abandoned buildings in the slums the residents of the slums started gathering.

Similar with intelligence, somehow the enemy gathered residents unrelated to the case.

Residents of the slums probably sniffed out food or drugs in the building and stormed in. Immediately falling into the trap and literally blowing up.

They start to panic. The enemy probably thought that drug addicts won’t be afraid of death and would charge like cannon fodder, but that didn’t happen.

What they did start is people falling down and raving, unable to stop from laughing, with shouts jumping into fire and also taking out their genitals and starting to masturbate. Unbelievable development. Anyway a response significantly deviating from normal people, that’s why they had to be drug addicts. I honestly got scared by drugs. They are worse than weapons.

I don’t want Djibril to watch – I thought and covered the eyes of one of the kids that were with me, a girl named Gini. Here comes out the curious nature, which causes her to watch what is happening in excitement. Should I kill that enthusiasm or leave it, what is worse educationally – I wondered and just then the masturbating man ran somewhere. Maybe he saw something more interesting. Too bad he didn’t saw that something earlier.

Perplexed I scratch my head. I wonder if the enemy predicted such a turn of events. I wonder for a while. Probably not. For an effect they wanted to achieve it’s rather pathetic. The enemy himself is not a drug addict and he probably don’t know much about drugs. He’s just an idea man, but in the end he has a poor endgame. He lacks imagination in what his actions unfold. Like me in the past. No, even now I have a lot of regrets.

Another hour pass. The enemy ceased action. It seems that he couldn’t continue his plan after what happened. The essential issue is whether he realized that abandoned buildings are a trap zone.

Anyway I had enough of enemy’s hopeless preparation and started worrying about the hotel right away. War is established on mutual trust with the enemy. It can be assumed that the enemy broke the rules because of weak preparation. Someone who pretends to be smart in that tone would say that in that case he should attack the hotel. Next making Thailand into an enemy and running there and back in a panic. And that would be funny if that was the end, but if the first strike falls in my direction then I won’t be laughing anymore.

I contact Omar and ordered him to move out of the hotel and relocate to the safe house which I prepared earlier. I change the car and move from the underground car park. If nothing happened then good, but just in case I will reduce casualties a bit.

I sigh. If you fight then it’s good if the enemy is capable. In the end I don’t have to worry too much.

Another hour pass. The enemy doesn’t make a move. There is a moment of break so I ordered the shift to rest.

Luckily in the rented houses there is air conditioning and also a gas stove. Ideal for relaxation. I even got in the mood for some coffee. Truthfully I don’t like coffee but abroad there isn’t really much else to drink. Even more if it’s not sweetened.

I sip coffee with a few children when Djibril and Mr. Shuwa come. The distance Mr. Shuwa had is much closer from the NGO office, but there is a probability that the enemy is watching so he probably drove on side roads and avoided few buildings.

A bit sweaty Mr. Shuwa looks at what I’m holding in my hands.

“Coffee, huh?”

“There is no green or black tea.”

“No, coffee is good.” – he says and starts drinking the weak coffee I made him with a grimace.

Weak, because without sugar or milk, and a strong one would immediately irritate the stomach. In such job as this American coffee is inevitable.

Djibril’s face is red. Wanting to check if she didn’t have a fever I put my hand on her forehead, but she avoids it. I was a bit surprised by that. This puberty again – I thought for a moment, but maybe it was because my hands stink of coffee. When I sniff my hands, Djibril suddenly turned to the side and said “sorry”.

“No, if you don’t have a cold then it’s fine.”

Mr. Shuwa looks at me with a face, from which I can’t tell if he liked the coffee I made him or not.

“We don’t have sugar or milk so it’s weak.” – when I said that Mr. Shuwa made a face as if he saw a rare animal.

“It’s not about the coffee. You are thick-headed.”

“I hear that a lot, but first time from a man.”

“I imagine.”

Mr. Shuwa drank the coffee with raised brows. With such a gulp the cup will get empty in no time at all. Actually It’s probably already empty. With regret he turns over the cup upside down and opens his mouth to drink the few remaining drops.

“But that madame Grace looked really troubled.”

“I understand , but it couldn’t be helped.”

“Yeah, you are probably right.”

Mr. Shuwa nodded. He looks as if he remembered something because he thinks for a bit.

“I hope that Ms. Grace won’t hire mercenaries to come and kill me.” – I said at which Mr. Shuwa smiled bitterly.

“I will at least console you, that it won’t happen.”

As one might expect from a former monk, his way of thinking is different. Consoling is a good idea. If you could console the interested party then maybe the ratio of overdue payments will be smaller. From now on It would be good to hire monks myself – went through my thoughts. Private military company business also needs some variety.

My sleeve is pulled. Pulled and rolled up to upper am. Djibril is extremely persisting.

“What is it?”

“Stroke me please.”

“Oh, I just wanted to check if you have a fever.”

“I don’t have a fever, but…”

Djibril’s face is red. She rolls up my sleeve multiple times as if she wanted to say something. I don’t mind the pulling, but I don’t really know what she wants to say.

“Then maybe I will tell everyone else to leave the room and then you will tell me what you want?”

“Mr. Shuwa in fact understands English, doesn’t he?”

“No, it’s not like that, but just come with me over there. I’ll take coffee again.”

I take Djibril to another room, although I’m responsible and in charge of this house. There’s a usual child’s room with a small double bunk. When I was hesitating whether to sit or not, Djibril concealed her red face. Even though she was already concealed by the headgear.

“I saw an impure thing.”

After a while of thinking I remembered that I have shown bad things for education. Well, I guess it was that thing. Yeah, it must be it. But avoiding even me… I feel hurt.

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh, no. It’s me who should be sorry. Leave such things to the boys. Yes. You can avert your eyes.”

Still with hurt feelings it was awkward, it’s embarrassing to talk about such things with a daughter.

Djibril is nervously looking at me. I don’t know why she’s nervous, but I smiled and stroke her.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Will you forgive me?”

“There’s nothing to forgive.”

Djibril made me guess her expression of joy and shame by just her eyes I could barely see.

“Well, let’s just not lose focus. I want to minimize damage.” - I said just that and returned. Mr. Shuwa brewed himself an awfully strong coffee which shocked me.

Round two

Mr. Shuwa got back for coffee to where Ms. Grace was. It seems like he was in a mood to treat her to coffee. Though he can hold back from alcohol, with coffee he can’t apparently.

Though I drink it myself everyday I don’t crave it so much, so I don’t really understand Mr. Shuwa’s state. Maybe it’s stress.

2:30 in the night. I’m being woken up. It was one of my subordinates, a red-haired girl Gini. Although she wears a headgear, so from outside it cannot be said that she has red hair.

“I’ve found something suspicious. A Hiace.”

“Ok, let’s go.”

I answered with verve and swaying on my feet look from the window through the scope given to me. From Hiace alighted a group clothed in combat gear .

I call Djibril, putting a headset on my ears.

“It seems that the enemy has come.”

“Understood. I’m going to continue the observation.”

“Gini, the first strike is very crucial. Aim well with the grenade launcher”


Distance is 300m, a strike from the 3rd floor, so the speed of the bullet will be slow, considering crosswind which has high impact on it. These are not very good circumstances for using a grenade launcher, but the third shot hits the target. I saw when the grenade exploded, when approximately half of the personnel of Hiace just got off. I failed to avert my eyes in time and got blinded from the flash for a bit.

After the explosion the firing starts. Four, Five lucky people went ahead and managed to escape to the slums – reports Gini who is my eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s good to be the eyes of golden eagle.”

“I’m counting on you.”

Gini looks happy. With a bitter smile I continue to give instructions.

“Any other enemies?”

“Two Hiaces from south.” – says Djibril’s voice coming from the communication device.

“Attack. Same as before.”


In the time I receive a new report from Djibril I contact Mr. Shuwa using a cellphone. He also needs to get his shortwave transmitter.

“How’s your situation?”

“I wish you to shoot them from outside.”

“There are civilians too. It’s best not to fight!”

“Would be better to fight for the relationship of trust with madame Grace.”

It’s Ms. Grace who doesn’t want to fight the most – I think and tell about it:

“I don’t think they will engage, knowing I’m not there, but unless we don’t take a position just in case they engage, it would be hard to protect you. Just don’t do anything unnecessary and retreat, I will come with backup.”

“Understood. I’m counting on you if that happens then.”

Even during such communication, Djibril keeps reporting with a calm voice. Two Japanese Hiaces explodes. Most of the passengers are wiped out. With this enemies from both directions suffered devastating damages. When the first van exploded, enemy couldn’t  stop the operation even if he noticed the trap and had to try to push further. I think it would be better to retreat for him, but maybe he’s not moving only because of military reasons.

I imagine the enemy. Their leader probably panics a bit, thinking he has been labeled as incompetent after using drug addicts in his strategy. I don’t know how much the company concentrates on this country, but the commanding operator is probably a not too capable person.

I have contact from Djibril.

“One trap in the slums has been activated. Damage unknown.”

“Come on, are they going to continue the operation?”

I frowned. Enemy’s moves are far from clever.

“Shuwa here. We’re under fire.”

Wondering what the enemy is thinking about I commence the operating. I wet my lips once.

“Understood. Please respond with attack without casualties.”

“What a nice boss, letting us waste ammunition.”

“Oh thank you…[3]

I look at Gini. She’s peeking through the scope as the golden eagle’s eyes. In passing I noticed that the streetlights went out. There’s probability that the enemy broke them before the battle.

“I can’t see much!”

I smile listening to Gini’s report. Well, golden eagle is also a bird so night-blindness isn’t foreign to him. That saying, what now? – I pondered. Even in the station of Thailand police they didn’t have night-vision gear so it will be hard to deal with it. In the abandoned buildings of the slums exploding traps await, so I planned to hit them and use as a light source. But there are no traps prepared in the NGO office. Damn I’m beat. There is nothing to do. I scratch my head. So many losses inflicted. The costs of funerals are also serious already. The enemy attacked by surprise has an opportunity to retreat. But he isn’t doing that. What’s more he is further pressing on the NGO office, which has almost nothing to do with the goal, which is killing me. Uproar is not something I didn’t foresee. The enemy’s stupidity irritates me further, though indeed it’s me that have a problem.

I turned around and wondered if he is stupid. A smart enemy is the best after all. Even if he himself does not realize his own stupidity.

“Mr. Shuwa.”

“What is it?”

“Can you set fire on the NGO’s head office?”

“Are you insane?”

“I’m in trouble without light. If it gets set on fire it will be perfect I thought.”

Mr. Shuwa is keeping silent for a while. Of course I added that after setting fire they should escape.

“I know. Oh, it must be insured.”

“I’m sorry, you’re the only one who can only counterattack and have to endure enemy’s strike.”

“No. Arata, it’s fun to be with you. If you can have a shootout everyday I should have become a mercenary earlier.”

“It just so happened that there were some those past few days!”

“Oh. Well whatever. I’m hanging up, since we’re going to set fire.”

Call is terminated. Ms. Grace will hate me for another thing now – I thought. Well, that can’t be helped, but I felt like I burnt it together with the business expansion plans. Although the most important is a small number of casualties. I also don’t want Shuwa and his people to die as well as Ms. Grace and her men. And by the way it’s also bad for education.

If it’s about me I don’t have luck for making money, or maybe I am cutting away from it myself. Hard to say.

In any case, setting aside the slums, the neighboring districts are not slums so destruction of public property probably won’t be ignored by the government. And also cars destroyed by us at the slums entrance are also not a trifle.

While I’m making a dissatisfied face, from the NGO office flames arise. I command to deploy at shooting positions.

I also move Djibril’s tactical unit S and make them participate in combat. Burn, burn more – I look at the NGO office and lost myself in thoughts of an exemplary pyromaniac. I can still see tracer bullets going back and forth, so shooting must still be going on. Eventually flames reached the ceiling of the NGO office and finally the vicinity started to shine. I can see the enemy even from my position. It seemed that they have been advancing bit-by-bit from the parking lot.

“All units, commence attack.”


Simultaneous attack has begun. I saw few enemies fall from first shots, but it doesn’t cause any more destruction. It seemed that the enemies also don’t want to die, so they desperately hid. At this point we have a deadlock. In order to not reveal our positions I held continuous attacks and waited for Mr. Shuwa’s and his people to escape. Next move will probably take place there.

While impatiently waiting I heard the sound of a siren, which is universal for all countries, you hear one and you know what it is. Police and a fire brigade. I command Mr. Shuwa to retreat as well as allies. As expected, the enemies also sensed it’s the end of the fight and have started running. I decided to order to shoot one as evidence for the police. I don’t know if it will work or not, but at least it will be some insurance.

One of Mr. Shuwa’s men succeeded, he hit the target from a standing position. It’s hard to snipe from standing position. Great skill.

I saw the person who was the furthest collapse. Enemy abandons the fallen comrades and run away. Satisfied, I withdrew.

Now I wonder what the police is going to do.

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^1. Since grenades are written tad differently whether they are hand grenades or not in Japanese, so he explains it. It’s a bit more obvious in english.

^2. Can’t do much about that since that’s what they said in engrish. If you don’t know what it is, check here

^3. It was supposed to be sarcasm but it’s hard to do in English.