Japanese to English translations

Volume 2 Epilogue

Return abroad

Narita Airport

Narita Airport is more shabby than Haneda, considering it’s supposed to be the front door of Japan.

In the end I wasn’t able to show them Haneda Airport – I thought.

After I joined the children at Higashi-Nakano, I called Ms. Ito to talk about the disposal of weapons and arranging us a transport, then I head toward the airport.

The news helicopters were incessantly flying all over in the vicinity of Okubo and Shinjuku to examine the situation. It was quite a noisy morning.

“That was a nice stay.” – said Omar meekly and patted my back.


“No, tempura for instance, it was delicious.”

“I’m glad. I was able to meet with Arata after all.”

Carefully putting on a white hat, Sophie smiled at me. Saying nothing, I turned behind.

I look at the exhausted children. Some look sleepy as they’re rubbing their eyes.

“Forgive me the rush.” – when I said that, the children smiled for some reason. It was a warm smile.

“But we’ve won.” – said Gini like it was important. Lot of kids were also agreeing. Being grateful for their kindness I was looking for Ms. Ito, who was supposed to have tickets for the flight.

“Who are you looking for?” – the refined woman said walking and stopped. I was surprised.

“Oh, um… You have my plane tickets.”

“Right, here.”

The refined woman took out the tickets from the bag and handed them over to me.

“Departure is in one hour.”

“Thank you very much.”

I nodded. I wanted to say goodbye to Ms. Ito, but I don’t know what to say to her anyway so I thought it’s good as it is. Refined woman gives me a piercing look.

“Still, you’ve really done it.”

“I am sorry. I wanted to ensure my own safety.” – I said honestly. Refined woman is looking at me.

“I wonder if it’s really only for safety. Didn’t your sense of justice and patriotism want to crush the criminal organization and religious group for making such disturbance at Shinjuku Central Park?”

“Wouldn’t it just spread the disturbance instead?”

“Yes. That’s right. This is why controlling the enemy, not destroying, is important.”

“Control them cleverly. So that things like this don’t happen. Put them to sleep so that citizens can live in peace. When they wake up it won’t be good.”

“Well, we will use the disturbance you made as best as we can. We’ll spread the rumor, that the government carried out a special plan. If criminals will become cautious to not destroy themselves if they go too far, this country also might become slightly better.”

“I wish that will happen.”

Old woman smiled bitterly in a manner, which didn’t fit her age. She gave me a package.

“What is it?”

“With such commotion I wondered if I should give it or not, but it’s a reward for removing two hindrances to this country. Or maybe a prepayment for the contract, which we didn’t pay before.”

I glimpsed at the package. It was cash. I have to scatter it and carry somewhere else later. It wasn’t 7500000, but there could be around 3000000.

Merely such shootout and 3000000 yens. I suppressed my feelings of gaining good profit and decided to walk toward the departure gate.

“Thank you very much and goodbye, Ms. Ito.” – I said, walking out. Ms. Ito disguised as an old woman smiled and saw us off. I was curious how old she really is, but it was also better to keep it a mystery.

“Yo, warmonger.”

Group of several skinheads appeared like they were waiting for me to move out. At the front stood the older angler.

“Kajita haven’t come?”

“He said that he likes this country.” – despite so many bitter experiences, the older man said it gently.

“I see. Can I ask your name?”


“Mr. Shuwa, is it? I think that overseas aren’t bad too.”

“Right, but still there are just kids on your side.”

“Since you’re adults, I won’t look after you.”

“Only four or five aren’t so bad, right?” – Mr. Shuwa said, walking. An unthinkable conversation, taking into account that until yesterday we were killing each other. It was totally not worth dying. – I thought. Death would be just a waste. One who survived, drives away thoughts about victims to live.

“We have low salary.”

That was the last words before leaving Japan.

In the plane

Before I knew it, Djibril was sitting next to me in the plane. Again I’m going far from Japan territory, but I was more concerned about Djibril’s expression. She kept looking to the side.

“Your neck will be hurting.”

“I’m fine.”

“Shall I change you with Ivan or…?”

Djibril turned toward me. She loosens the headgear a bit and glares at me.

“My bad.” – I said. Djibril looked down.

“It’s my bad. Please, get mad at me.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s okay, don’t worry.”

“We’ve dragged a bad djinn.”

You mean Sophie? – I thought. I smile bitterly.

“But it’s a harsh judgment. She helped us actually. I rated her too low. She’s more useful than me.”

Djibril raised her head and looked at me. For some reason she looked like she was about to cry.

“I hated that you treated that person specially. I hate her. So… scold me.”

Instead of scolding I pat her on the head.

“It’s okay, that’s a trivial thing.” – I said. I didn’t say that if it was possible I didn’t want to make her fight, because I thought it would lead to an argument.

End of volume 2

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  1. aaaaand they’ve gained a few religious terrorist monk! for fuck sake it’s hilarious, and i hope they’ll come in handy and become an element of the team~~
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