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Volume 2 Chapter 6

My way to end war

Operation: Peaceful Hammer

The bus will soon enter Shinjuku ward.

So we’re moving out in 10 minutes. I ordered to bypass below Dai-Gado, crowded by drunken people, and go to Otakibashi-Dori Street. We stop at the traffic light.

It was a shock for me that there are crowds of drunken people, despite that many people died close to this place a few hours ago.

Shock? It’s not a shock. I was the same before leaving Japan. Remembering it made me just shudder by my former meanness.

I notice many standing policemen. It’s fortunate. Before we act, they will protect us from the enemy. When it comes to a fight, police armed with pistols will be powerless, but elimination of powerless objects also takes time. Enemy must hate it. That’s why he’s superior. After all he hasn’t made a move yet, even after noticing us. There is also a high possibility that he gets results by taking precautions.

Enemy is strong. That’s okay. Strong enemy is an intelligent enemy. Intelligent enemy means, that there is a possibility for reconciliation. Depending on terms, he may withdraw his troops.

With the military operation in Shinjuku Central Park, enemy achieved maximal effect with minimal losses. I can’t approve the methods, but even in that aspect I’m sure he had discernment to minimize deaths among his men. By that discernment he may decide to not fight with us.

If war is one method of a rough dialogue, then enemy has strength, that is intelligence
to just talk. I want to get along well with him.

Golden eagle loves people. It doesn’t mean he behaves like them though. It’s not how he shows his love. I recall the exchange with Lanson. I wonder how golden eagle, how I show love. I think for a second. I can only give orders as a OO. There’s nothing else. If I can include love in them, it’s only through hard work. Only by reducing victims and winning.

I make up my mind. I take a deep breath. Subsequently, having to worry about Sophie is painful, but for a moment I thought to forget about it. If I don’t forget about it, operation will deteriorate.

Vehicle starts moving. I bowed slightly to the standing policemen and took the microphone in hand.

“Prepare equipment for the illuminator.”

I equipped the illuminator. It’s my eyes. I stood up from my seat and integrated the illuminator camera with all kids. I put on a headset. It’s my ears. Kids are my body.



I looked at Djibril, putting illuminator from above of her headgear.

“I’m counting on you.”

“I’ll put my life on it.”

“You don’t have to. I won’t make you fight in such battles.”

I smiled and patted Djibril’s head. Gini has been already lined up behind.

“I’ll do the best I can.”

“You better do.” – I said, putting the illuminator on Gini. I sensed danger when Sophie stood up from her seat, so I said:

“Sophie, put it yourself.”

“You aren’t saying anything about my hair.”

I tightened my lips, and then in silence attached the illuminator on Sophie.

I thought that such equipment for elf lacks refinement, but I said something else:

“I didn’t want to drag you into this.”

“Is that how you show your love?”

Djibril said “no” right away. That’s a nice thing she said.

“Because we are friends.” – I said and looked over at everyone.

I also put on a headset and take out a tablet terminal, which looks like a thin board. I was spinning it with fingers of both hands. The picture came up on an already activated screen.

“Confirming booting up of the illuminator.”- I said gently. I heard my gentle voice in everyone’s ears. Everybody turns on a switch on the side. Integrated information system is displayed within the visors. High sensitivity compound camera for capturing enemies conducted a test with laser illumination.

Now, when I had my Excalibur, I thought that I’ll be doing it like this. I mean calling out children with a gentle voice.

Even when I will be dying, there will be no fear in my voice. Until the very end I will be trying for there to be hope in my gentle voice.

“Confirming activation of the illuminator. Starting data linking.” – said gently Djibril, glancing at me. I nodded.

I inform about the connection.

On the screen of the tablet, which I am holding in my hand, data about the position of allies is shown. At the moment status of the ammunition, that the children input by voice, was displayed. Displayed green meant that everything is alright. Preview on everyone was unified and the screen simplified to the level of a computer game. A feeling that I didn’t have in a long time came back. No, in the past those were only games, now it’s different.

Djibril stood at the front and reported:

“Additional tactical unit P ready.”

“Okay. Calmly. As a golden eagle I will be covering you. Golden eagle knows the road you came from your village to this place. I always look after you and hope for your happiness” – I said gently.

“Begin sally. After you split up into four S units, each one of them will begin march. Each unit will be ACDE respectively. We count the enemy from B1. Unit SA will be lead not by Omar, but by Sophia Greenwood.”

“Understood.” – said Sophia, shaking her cut hair.

“Omar will be the driver and protect me.”

“Roger.” – nodded Omar. The bus is driving into the Okubo street. The mass of the vehicle doesn’t allow it to pass even 20 km per hour.

“Four tactical units S, commence sortie.”

Omar opened the door while driving.

The children jump out of the side doors one after another. Sophia opened her eyes widely from amazement, but since she probably already decided to take part in it, she successfully jumped on the ground.

The children immediately went in line with the bus and then overtook it. They already could ably drive on roller shoes and with ease rushed through the road. Every one of them saluted me.

From this moment I’m unable to predict what will happen. In spite of all of that I felt that I can do it. The current imagination allows me this much.

I called in my head the image of running Djibril and her group. On the tablet screen normal icons are displayed, but taking a shallow breath and narrowing my eyes I was able to picture an accurate image of Djibril.

“Djibril, you don’t have to hurry that much.”

“Sorry. Understood.”

“Wipe your sweat.”

“All right.”

I smiled. I switched the radio channel to Gini.

“Gini, you run ahead.”


“You can do it.”

“…I will do my best.”

“That’s right. Gini is a capable kid.”

“Praise me more.”

“If you do well.”

I imagine the dissatisfaction on her face. But only for two seconds. Two seconds and Gini signals her subordinates with her fingers. I made a satisfied face. Excellent Gini, keep it up.

Gini’s tactical unit SE suddenly accelerated to 43 kilometers per hour. In my head I imagine a driving truck and holding on to it’s luggage platform Gini’s unit speeding on the roller shoes. The driver of the vehicle behind them is terribly surprised.

Gini asked if I even see her expression after I whispered to her to not distance themselves too much.

“That’s a secret.” – I asked politely and gallantly.

Ivan’s tactical unit SD stormed on the roller shoes into the building being one of the hideouts. They simultaneously throw grenades and blast it. At more or less the same time, tactical unit SA with Sophia at the front set on fire a building 200 meters away. On the crossbow bolts smashing the windows, handmade grenades are dangling.

Explosion after explosion.

People walking the street are looking around left and right. There are even some, that took out their cameras and are trying to record it. I threw out a handmade grenade through the open doors. Gunpowder has been reduced to half. My hair is swayed by the explosion.

In the meantime havoc prevails somewhere else. Behind a crash involving several cars took place. There is no big crash because of the speed limit.

“Shall we also crush at least one hideout?” – I said, staring at the tablet. Sophia moves slowly, but using weapon range she prepares to show us her skill in blowing up two places at the same time. Rough breathing, long ears. She closes one eye, prepares the crossbow and pulls the trigger.

I smiled.

“Damn straight, let’s do it.” – said Omar and ostentatiously stepped on the accelerator. He stormed into oncoming cars, driving in zig-zag, crushing several times and finally splattering products from the Korean food store and making the car crash into a Chinese restaurant. Before it Omar and I abandon the car.

This time explosion is big. Blue marks on the tablet indicating explosions are starting to grow rapidly. Roughly 24 places. Among it 9 warehouses. My orders are to destroy them completely. Those are illegal businesses, which the criminal syndicate didn’t insure. That’s why the destruction of warehouses is a greater damage for their actual finances than one can expect.

“And next strike the enemy tactical units to reduce their forces. All units, begin the assault!” – while I was giving that instructions, Omar entered the store and shot with a gun in the air.
Customers and store staff run away. Ones who haven’t escaped are members of the organization. Omar fires six shots from the pistol, killing three. He raised the fallen table and put it before me. I brought the chairs and then we sat.

“You’re alive, aren’t you?” – sitting on the chair and looking at the tablet I said to a member of the organization, who seemed to have heavy injury from the first car storming.

“Don’t worry. You won’t die from that. Can you call your boss? Tell him that you’re humbly hoping for negotiation. I’ll wait 5 minutes. You value your life that much, right? If you don’t do that here I want you to tell your boss that something terrible will happen to your homes, family and even family of the people you love.”

Omar waved a broken glass and then pouring tea into it, said:

“Impressive villain speech.”

“It’s okay. Communication with the children has been cut off. It’s bad for children’s education after all.”

“Why don’t we invite them to the negotiations? I’ve been always respecting your efforts to end battles and I want you to teach them that.”

We passed the broken glass between us and drunk from it with Omar in turns. It seemed he said that seriously. As for me, well… I replied that I will think about it next time. I couldn’t have lived if children would think that I’m a sly adult.

I look at the tablet. Gini’s tactical unit SE is in contact with the enemy who left the store. Distance of the enemy, their numbers and armament is displaying before me by the illumination of children composing the unit. I give Gini a command to retreat. Gini unit split left and right and hide behind the building. They are under fire.

From another side, supplied with Mausers Ivan’s unit began simultaneous fire, killing four enemies who came out before the store. It can’t be permitted for them to hide inside, so that’s why they throw Molotov cocktails inside. In Okubo there is a lot of this sort of illegal businesses, also this restaurant, that’s why it will be hard to rebuild. Well, that’s not my problem. I also lost 7500000 yens, so we have a draw.

Police has began making chaos. It seems they want to make for the scene fast, but it’s quite difficult because of the traffic accident.

Still, we have five minutes left – I thought. Considering the odds police will undoubtedly wait with the assault, so maybe we have even more time.

“Arata, something strange is going on there!” – Sophie says loudly. I looked at the data tablet, frowning. I want to say that I already grasped the situation, but well… there is a lot of times when it’s better to be informed anyway. I also understand the emotions.

Illuminator of Sophie’s unit captures the enemy image. I thought if that’s the bad news Ms. Ito was talking about. I switch to the communication.

“Sophie, keep the distance without engaging.”

“But they are heading straight toward us.”

“I don’t know much about the enemy, so I can’t let you fight. I need more data.”

“Ummm… There are people with a metal rod. Two of them actually. They are piled with heavy defensive armament.”

“Tactical unit SD, Ivan try to snipe them.”


I wait five seconds.

“No good. With Mausers it’s completely impossible. We’ve just turned a corner, firing from machine guns.”

“Okay, thanks.”

For the time being I terminated the call.

“Omar, do you know what kind of defensive armament they might have?”

“Dunno. But if Mausers and Tokarevs don’t work that means a threat.”

“Well, it indeed is for our infantry.”

“They send a messenger for negotiations?”

“No, I think it must be their last hope.” – after saying that, I opened the transmission.



“10 minutes left. Begin preparation for retreat. All units shall move one by one. Withdraw toward Higashi-Nakano.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll come there shortly.”

I switch over the signal.

“Sophie. About those enemy exosuit thing…”

“It looks like external frame rather than a suit. It’s just there are metal joints on either sides and backs!”

“So it’s an exoskeleton. Well, it’s good that it’s not one like in anime! I don’t feel guilt then. So it seems like gun bullet doesn’t work.”


“What about crossbows and hand grenades?”

“I’ll try it at once. I have their backs, so I’m ready.”

“I’m counting on you.”

I hear the sound of an explosion nearby.

“Enemy has lost upper half of the body. Arrow has penetrated, so I’ll be probably able to bring the enemy down.”

“No, just quickly bring down the other one. After you do it, I want you to withdraw. Ivan, Gini. You caused great damage to enemy tactical unit. It’s okay now. All unit, commence retreat.”

Increased weight of infantry’s heavy defense equipment causes, that finally the increased weight exceeds capabilities of this infantry. Because of this there are robot cars like donkeys, but there was a military organization, which attempted a different method. I think it was in China.

Anyway. I beat the enemy before I knew his name.

Beside the tour bus a few men walk with unhappy expressions, after which they enter the restaurant.

“Good evening. We’ve came here for negotiations.” – I said with a smile on my face.

One of the men guffaws. It was one of the anglers, the elder one.

“Didn’t you say you don’t want to meet with us again. You liar.”

“You’re smart, so I’m sure you knew from my words that it was the operation.”

Elder man doesn’t stop laughing. He laughs to tears.

“I see, so that’s how it was?”

“You are standing around talking. Won’t you have a sit?”

“Yeah. Kajita you sit too.”

The elder man looked for a fallen chair and sat down.

“No, Kajita. Take him to the hospital.”

Skinhead man called Kajita glanced at me and the elder man with the eyes of hatred or a madman and then walked away, taking the injured person.

I looked at the elder man.

“Are you from the criminal organization? Or from the religious group?”

“The latter one. Boss of the former one doesn’t have the guts. He is probably shaking in bed right now. Oh, this person is Mr. Yang. Deputy boss.”

The person called Yang sit in the chair, scowling at me. He has a slender face and wears an elegant suit.

“Such anarchy makes any business impossible in this neighborhood.”

“I haven’t planned that at first.” – I said, smiling.

“They are real warmongers and don’t think about scramble for territory.” – the elder man assured. The person called Yang looked at me like I were a foreign substance. Criminals, warmongers and religious terrorist? Worst negotiations ever. – I thought, smiling bitterly. Well, however they see me, I don’t feel anything.

“Excuse me.”

“What are you aiming for?” – said Mr. Yang.

“Tomorrow I’m going to leave the country and I wanted to ensure safety.” – I said honestly.

“You fight for ensuring safety? Warmongers are mad. There is no comparison with religion.”

The elder man laughs loudly.

“Are you stupid or what?” – said Mr. Yang, looking at me and the elder man. When it comes to common sense he seemed the most normal.

I shrug my shoulders.

“Even if you say that. Hadn’t I attacked, you would strike in revenge, right? That’s why I took precautions!”

“Indeed, excellent precautions. There are great damages to put it mildly. But our followers are unhurt. Warmonger, didn’t your actions born a cause and effect, called desire for revenge?”

I nodded.

“Yes, but well… even if it will be the chain of revenge, it won’t make money for our criminals, right? Isn’t a job for religious organizations to forgive?”

“What are you?” – said Mr. Yang, scowling at me.

“I didn’t have hard feelings from the start. It’s work after all. I only attacked, because the request of the government. Even if they hate me and are troubled by that. That’s what I only wanted to tell you.”

Imitating Ms. Ito I blend a lie into the truth. Mr. Yang face has became dark red in anger.

“Why they are using one’s like you, not the police?”

“I just made a reason for the police to intervene! And now they are in this town. I recommend to run away, leave country and hide your assets before it’s too late.”

“The reason for the police to intervene, huh? How many people you have killed to reach that, you son of a bitch?”

“Everyone would be dissatisfied if even more would be killed, no? I also don’t like that.” – I said calmly.

“I would be happy if you let us peacefully go.”

“Can’t promise that.” – said Mr. Yang.

“That’s unfortunate. Well then…”

I stood up from chair.

“Wait.” – I was called to stop.

“I promise.” – Mr. Yang said a different thing than few seconds ago and he was shaking. It seemed that he didn’t know it was the negotiations. Only by strict violence I’ll hear it. It was a proper military thing to do, making use of military strength as one of the diplomatic methods. Simple way to make the other side talk by using violence. It seemed Mr. Yang couldn’t accept the breakdown in negotiation and our continuous attacks. Well, with such damages another organization will come to steal their territory, and since I’m proclaiming from the beginning that I won’t be taking part in this, from their point of view continuous fights with us will double their enemies.

Even shoulders of Mr. Yang are shaking. But I ignored it. It must be unbearable for a criminal to receive sympathy from his assailant.

“Yes. I think it’s better to be assured. What about you?”

I looked at the elder man. He was laughing.

“Our people are still unhurt. Well, it’s not unreasonable, although I think it would go quiet well for us if we had a fight with you.” – said the elder man, laughing. I wondered if he was willing to die. I don’t want to associate with such people, but when I see his face I have a different feeling.

“Yes, I think that too. That’s why I came to negotiate.”

The elder man smiled gently. I’ve been smiling too.

“That’s an awkward negotiation.”

“It’s not my specialty.”

“By the way, is it profitable to be a warmonger?”

“Not really. Once per two there is no payment.”

“So why are you doing this?”

“I don’t have other talents. Besides I’m not into crime. If it comes to the money aspect I think it would be more profitable to work with a criminal organization.”

The elder man crossed his arms and nodded.

“Does such person as me can do it too?”

“I think you can. If someone like me does. But tactics which premise harm are not liked.”

The elder man obediently nodded.

“I have something to ask you. Can we go together, when you will be leaving country?”

“I think you can. How many people?”

“Well, at most half of us. That makes four. Rest will probably stay.” – said the elder man. I agreed.

Well, now with the revenge on guru and getting tired of Japan, which placated him, perhaps leaving Japan is a way to live. Considering all of that I nodded.

“I see. Japan is a good place, isn’t it? Can we conclude the negotiations by a condition that four or five people will leave the country?”

The elder man nodded. I also agreed. The negotiations have been concluded. The war has ended.

“Okay. I’ll do my best.”

I was going to shake hands with him, but in the end I didn’t do it. That’s a sloppy ending, but I was grateful that I’ll be able to safely leave.

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^X. Someday… maybe.


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