Japanese to English translations

Volume 2 Afterword


It’s been a while. Forgive me for keeping you waiting. It’s Shibamura. I’m delivering you “Marginal Operation 02”.

First release was in February, and now we have September, so I kept you waiting for around seven months. I’m sorry for that.

While fans and salesmen were asking me when it will be published, I was working at completely different things: two novels (“Cubism Love” and “Gun Blood Days”), three games (social game “Gun blood days”, board game “Yuke!Nobunaga Kashindan”, tankobon for TRPG “A no Mahoujin”), three mangas (two volumes of “Cubism Love”, two volumes of “Rakusen” and September publication – three volumes of “Gunparade March: Another Princess”).

Putting aside excuses, I was making arrangements with edition, while looking at reader responses, but I haven’t imagined that majority of voices will be asking for a fast sequel.

Next time I’ll publish the continuation fast, so I kindly beg for your forgiveness .

This time, the actual work took me twenty days. I was strictly keeping myself to write six thousand characters a day. I was doing it with a pomera DM100. It was very enjoyable to work with this machine, so I thought that I’ll write with this next time too. There’s probably nothing better than this, except a fountain pen (it can also depend on PC and whether it has Ichitaro).

This time the story advanced more than in the previous volume, rising a bit of tension for the protagonist as well. His character also is getting a little better.

Comparing to dryness of the first volume on desert, this time Japan as a stage brings a little wet feeling. Maybe next time it will be more damp.

I’ll tell you that I planned that Arata is getting arrested in the opening scene, but putting aside his feelings, please be advised that it probably won’t go well if the story would end with deportation of children.

Another time, there is a mention of Aral Sea, but in a present day Aral Sea is a dead sea, so there’s no fishery there. That is why children didn’t so often eat seafood.

By the way, about Ms. Ito and family. I have a model for that. This time on that occasion I received a guidance from several people, who were informants. Thank you very much. Forgive me for selfishly making an agent a woman. I wanted a black haired beauty.

Last but not least. I plan to publish “Marginal Operation 03” on February 2013. I hope that next time I’ll meet you together with Arata who fights a powerful enemy. Looking forward to it.

August 2012, Yuri Shibamura

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^X. Someday… maybe.


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