Japanese to English translations

Volume 1 Prologue


Bombardment. Piercing whistle. Shell misses, exploding away from the village.

During my stay in the company I never saw anything like that, but it seems to me it was a mortar. As it is a simple cannon, since it was invented, it is frequently used here even at present. I heard that apparently some extremists once aimed it at the imperial palace.

Mortar shells are fired continuously, one might even say – with certain grace. This loud sound is like a music of the battlefield, similar to the sound of a paper popper. So I thought that if it goes like this any longer, soon it will start hitting the village. It’s possible that in the past people also killed each other while listening to this stupid war music.

Oh well, now it’s irrelevant, time for thinking is after. Or before.

Putting on earmuffs I said as seriously as I can: “Many times have I thought of ways to end this war. For now it goes well. Let’s remain calm to keep it that way.”

Boys and girls around nod their heads. I don’t want at least my eyes to betray me. To tell the truth that’s why I tried to put such seriousness that didn’t suit me in this speech.

While setting the formation, I went with my thoughts back to the past. To the times in Tokyo, when I didn’t have a penny to my name.

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2 responses

  1. good job, keep fighting man. Ganbare ~


    August 9, 2015 at 10:04 am

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