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Marginal Operation

Volume 3 start

Well finally managed to finish posting the delayed chapters.


Volume 2 complete

It took some time, but we finally finished volume 2/5 of Marginal Operation. (more…)

Volume 2 Chapter 5

Finally another chapter is ready, after some initial problems.


Volume 2 Chapter 4

So after many hurdles it’s finally time for the next chapter.


Volume 2 Chapter 3

So it’s already time for the next chapter of Marginal Operation.


Volume 2 Chapter 2

And another chapter is ready.


Volume 2 Chapter 1

It’s finally time. (more…)

Volume 1 chapter 6

Greetings to everyone reading this blog.


Volume 1 Chapter 5

And it’s time for a surprise release!

Chapter 5 of Marginal Operation is ready for general consumption.


Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Marginal Operation is ready (more or less). (more…)

Volume 1 – Chapter 3

It’s finally time to present chapter 3 of Marginal Operation.


Second chapter is here!

Well that took a while didn’t it? We would like to present second chapter of Marginal Operation.


Site launch and new project added

We would like to announce the setup of our translation team and our first project – Marginal Operation.