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Volume 3 start

Well finally managed to finish posting the delayed chapters.


Still alive

We have yet to die.


No chapter…. yet

I feel that I have to write a bit about why there is no new chapter until now.


Volume 2 complete

It took some time, but we finally finished volume 2/5 of Marginal Operation. (more…)

Volume 2 Chapter 5

Finally another chapter is ready, after some initial problems.


Volume 2 Chapter 4

So after many hurdles it’s finally time for the next chapter.


Volume 2 Chapter 3

So it’s already time for the next chapter of Marginal Operation.


Volume 2 Chapter 2

And another chapter is ready.


Volume 2 Chapter 1

It’s finally time. (more…)


Well I kinda promised some announcements earlier, but never got around to writing the post, so here I am. (more…)